Dear friends -

First let me apologize for writing in English, I just do not have Russian keyboard.

I have lived outside of Moscow/Russia since 1998, in different places including Kazakhstan, San Francisco, New York, etc. And yet if I have to define myself culturally first and foremost I am someone who had the privilege to study and experience the unique environment of our school #43. I only went there during the last three years of school unfortunately, but looking back and comparing to very different learning experience that I myself gone thru since and had a chance to observe in both America and Europe - I have to say that our school is absolutely absolutely outstanding on a global scale. This is not an overstatement! It is not all about studying even though the opportunity to learn at 43 is exceptional, it is also about the people you meet and all extracurricular activities and the great teachers and our esteemed leader who kept it all together for so many years against the odds. 

I know the park/playground is important, but there are many playgrounds and truly only one School #43 in the world. If Yuri Vladimirovich is asking for another building to be built, please let him build two!

With warm regards,


Новый корпус гимназии

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